Hiroshima souveniers SUNMALL

SUNMALL is a perfect destination for shopping!
Hiroshima SUNMALL has been popular among local shoppers since its foundation, offering the latest fashion and culture for the last 46 years. In this building, there are all kinds of items to appeal to you, from women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, to various gifts, sub- culture merchandize and food. The mall includes shops like UNIQLO, DAISO and other shops specializing in Teenage, Gothic &Lolita fashion, plus other sub-culture fashion. It is a perfect place for overseas visitors to understand what Japan has to offer. The lower-ground floor contains the local supermarket, youme-Mart and other informal eateries. We will guarantee that here you will enjoy shopping like the locals and among the locals here!
히로시마에서 쇼핑을 즐기시려면 바로 여기!
히로시마인들의 사랑을 받으며 성장해 온 히로시마선몰은 창업한지 46년이 넘는 쇼핑몰로 최신 패션과 컬쳐를 발신하고 있는 패션빌딩입니다. 히로시마선몰에는 여성복, 남성복, 아동복 등 패션에서부터 잡화, 그리고 서브컬쳐에서 먹거리까지 모든 아이템이 한 곳에 모여 있습니다. 유니클로와 다이소 등과 더불어 갸루계와 고딕로리타계, 그리고 서브컬쳐샵 등도 있어 진정한 일본 문화가 농축돼 있는 곳이기도 합니다. 또한, 지하에는 현지인들이 식재료를 마련하는 유메마트와 편안하게 즐길 수 있는 음식점도 갖춰져 있습니다. 히로시마선몰은 현지인들의 생활을 체험할 수 있는 즐거운 곳입니다.

Models, toys,action figures and dolls.Expect a rare find.

Bookshop, crafts and homeware all under one roof.

Best place to find Japanese traditional crafts and souvenirs.

B1F/youme mart
Explore this supermarket for everyday Japanese food and household goods.

※Goods shown here are a reflection of our shops and their availability cannot be guaranteed. Businesses constantly change so not all those represented here will necessarily be open when you visit.

Floor Guide
Floor Guide

Floor Shop name Categories Details
B1F Yamaki Food Japanese Pre-fix menu meal
B1F Steak3m Food Steak
B1F Horai Food Chinese Donburi
B1F youme mart Food grocery
B1F Baskin Robbins Dessert Ice-cream
B1F Koichirou Food Ramen
1F illusie300 variety general goods
1F g by GORGE Women Clothing
1F DOLCE Women Men Watches & Jewelry
1F Ludic Park Women Clothing
1F T.G.C. Women Men Kids Glasses
1F Emsexcite Women Clothing
1F SUNDRUG Drug store Drug store
1F Celule Beauty Cosme
1F GU Women Men Clothing
1F aimerfeel Women lingerie
1F KATHARINE ROSS Women Clothing
1F KARADA factory All Manual therapy
1F Tanpopo Plants
1F Mister Donut food Cafe Donut
1F SPECCHIO Women Clothing
Floor Shop name Categories Details
2F UNIQLO Women Men Kids Clothing
3F Prifesta Puricura Entertaining photo booth
3F DECO HOME Interior Variety Shop
3F DAISO variety All at 110 yen
4F UESUGI Hobby Handicrafts store
4F chouchou ange Women Clothing Subculture
4F TyCHE Maria Women Clothing Subculture
4F VOLKS Hobby Models figures dolls. Subculture
4F popondetta Hobby Railway Models figures Subculture
4F LEPTON Hobby variety Tradeing cards
4F Beads Boutique All Beads
5F VILLAGE VANGUARD variety Books Clothing general goods
5F UNION RAG variety Used Clothing general goods
5F B&G Women Men Silver Accessories
5F TAKUMI Japanese variety Japanese traditional crafts and souvenirs.
5F Yellow Women Men Kids Used Clothing general goods
5F Sanbikino koneko Women Used Clothing Accessories
5F Stan House Event Space
5F YYY STUDIO Event Space
5F HAPPY LAND Amusement
5F HAPPY GACHA LAND Capsule toys
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SUNMALL -- 2-2-18 Kamiyacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0031, Japan

Contact information Email:info@sunmall.co.jp Tel:(+81)82-245-6000

Only 5mins' walk from Heiwakinen(Peace Memorial)Park

5mins' walk from "Kamiya-cho-higashi Station," "Kamiya-cho-nishi Station" or "Hondori Station," Accesible from Hiroshima Station via streetcar. Also, 3mins' walk from "Hondori Station" on the Astram Line